Gold and Benefits of Various Sectors

But did you know, in addition to investment, gold also has other benefits in the economic, social, religious and other sectors. Following the review.

1. Economic Sector

The economic field is a central field for gold. How come? Gold is one of the commodities that has a high sale value. The benefits of gold in this field can be seen from the use of gold as a substitute for money for transactions. The fact is that from centuries ago gold was used as a medium of exchange in transactions.

In addition, gold is also used as a country’s foreign exchange reserves because of its high sale value. This is also because gold is convertible, i.e. all countries can accept it as a legal international payment instrument. The form of gold that can be accepted as a payment instrument is gold bars.

Gold can also be traded in physical and non-physical forms. Non-physical forms of gold can be purchased in the form of shares on the trading market.

2. Social Sector Sector

Gold is synonymous with a symbol of wealth. No wonder so many people are proud to show off their gold as jewelry. The more gold they have, the higher their social status in society. For example in the community, at the time of social gathering, mothers competed to use the jewelry they had to benefit their social status. The person who wears the most jewelry is considered more among the others.

This also applies to gold owners who do not need their own gold. Those who store gold as an investment in the form of bars or coins will be considered as people who are and unconsciously have a higher position in social life in society.

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3. Religion Sector

Gold is considered sacred by some religions. This makes gold an item that symbolizes greatness. This can be seen from the many religious objects made of gold.

At Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok there is a golden Buddha statue called Reclining Buddha. In addition, in the Arakat Gallery, United States, many statues of Hindu Buddha relics are made of gold.

Not only Hinduism and Buddhism have religious objects made of gold, Islam and Christianity also use gold to decorate their places of worship. This can be seen from the building of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Brunei which is gold-domed and the la Compañía Church in Rome, whose architecture is gold-plated.

4. Industrial Sector

Its soft and malleable nature as well as its glamorous and sparkling appearance make the industry glance at a lot of gold to be used as jewelry. The jewelry that was made also varied from necklaces, bracelets and rings. Other forms are also made as jewelry according to the order request.

In addition to jewelry, the industry has also applied gold to other forms such as displays, souvenirs and gadgets coated with gold. This of course adds value to the object. In the textile industry, silk fabric also uses gold for its manufacturing material. The use of gold in industrial goods certainly makes the selling price of these items go up and can increase sales profits.

5. Health Sector

Who would have thought it turns out that gold also has health benefits. Apart from being a jewelry to beautify themselves, gold can also be used to decorate themselves. In the world of modern medicine many beauty experts who make cosmetics with gold-based ingredients, such as gold cream, gold masks, gold scrubs and much more.

Gold is believed to have properties to produce collagen which will make skin tighter, shine and reduce wrinkles.

Not only that, gold is also used as material to make false front teeth. No wonder you have come across people whose front teeth are made of gold. The nature of gold that does not react to oxidation makes it not rusty and is safe for tooth replacement.

6. Electronic Sector

Other properties of gold are also used by humans in the electronics field. Gold is the best conductor of gold, this is needed for the manufacture of electronic components. However, because the price is expensive, then the substitution of gold can be replaced with copper or other metals that have the same properties. This is done to reduce the cost of production of electronic goods made.

Electronic items that use gold in its components are television, monitors, radios, computer processors, USB connectors and so on. In fact, the SIM card also contains gold in it, but the gold content of these items is not much, only about one thousandth of a gram.

In addition, other properties of gold that are corrosive resistant also make gold used as a coating of various electronic devices such as radio, television, computers and so on. The gold layer is also found on mobile phones as protective devices, the use of gold as this layer adds to the impression of luxury and glamor on an item.

7. Sports Sector

Who says gold has no benefits in the field of sports. Without us knowing gold also has benefits in the field of sports. Again, gold is represented as something of the highest value. This can be seen from the use of gold as the most prestigious award after silver and bronze. The first place winner of the sports competition is the one who gets an award in the form of gold and makes him symbolically superior to the others. Awards in gold can be seen in the form of medals and trophies.

Rich Gold Benefits

It turns out there are many benefits of gold in addition to investment that we need to know. Of course, gold investment is a good alternative for you in the future, especially precious metal gold. Smart to choose investment instruments will make you richer, gold is perfect for you and minimal investment risk. Besides knowing the benefits of gold from various sectors will also add to your horizons.

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5 Gold Investment Mistakes That Can Harm Yourself

Gold is one type of precious metal that has long been known as a symbol of wealth and one type of investment to protect the value of wealth.

The value of gold tends to increase in the long run and can provide a favorable rate of return.

Although gold investment is relatively safer, you still have to pay attention to a number of conditions so as not to make mistakes when investing.

Avoid 5 gold investment mistakes that can hurt yourself.

1. Not Checking the Purity of Gold

When buying gold in the form of jewelry, you will definitely get gold with other metal alloys.

This is very different from investing in gold in the form of bars, where you can get pure gold without any other mix.

We recommend that you buy pure gold in the form of bars if you have an investment goal.

2. Do not have adequate storage

Gold is a precious metal that is easy to carry and move. This is what makes gold more at risk of being lost and stolen by others.

When deciding to invest in gold, it is important to have a special depository or can rent a depository at a bank or pawnshop.

3. Not Comparing Gold Prices

Do not rush when buying precious metals. Before making a gold bar purchase, it never hurts to compare prices in several trusted places in order to get the best price.

Do not let you lose because there are sellers who raise gold prices too high.

This is very important especially if you are not monitoring the movement of gold prices.

4. Incorrect Investment Objectives

Do not buy gold to make jewelry to look attractive when it comes to parties.

If you have a goal to get returns in the future, then you should buy gold in the form of bars.

Buying gold bars is much more profitable because you will not be charged with the cost of making it when you sell it again.

One type of quality gold bar is gold which has a 99.99% Antam certificate which is widely available at pawnshops or Antam Boutique.

Do not forget to save gold over 2 years so you can get better returns.

If you buy gold to get profits in the short term, then gold is not the right choice.

We recommend choosing an investment location that can provide optimal returns in the short term, for example by funding at KoinWorks. A peer-to-peer lending platform that makes you lenders can channel your funds to SMEs as borrowers.

At KoinWorks, you can start with only Rp 100,000 and potentially earn returns above 21.32% per year.

You also do not need to worry because because of the protection fund facility whose value is up to 100% depending on the level of risk chosen.

5. Not Monitor Gold Prices

Gold price movements play an important role when you are going to sell or buy gold.

Therefore, you as an investor must make sure to buy gold when prices are low and sell them when prices have risen.

Don’t sell gold when the price is below the purchase price because it can make you lose money.

That is 5 important things to consider when you are going to invest in gold.

Gold is included in the long-term investment, so make sure you invest gold over 2 years or more.

Also make sure you have a safe place to store gold so it is not easily stolen by people.

The Safe Place to Store Gold

When you decide to invest or save gold bars, the safety of the storage area is one of the main factors that must be considered. Because the form of precious metals that tend to be small makes it easier to be stolen. Not only that, precious metals may also be scattered and lost if not properly stored and maintained.

Actually, there are various ways to store gold bars safely and easily. If your budget is limited, there are also quite a few cheap storage places. What are some gold storage options that you can consider? Here goes the answer.

Store Gold at Home

This is the easiest and cheapest way, and at the same time relatively safe. You only need a lockable cupboard in a private room. This method is suitable for those of you who have not too much gold deposits. Make sure the storage location is easily monitored. Don’t forget to make sure your house is not left too often empty.

Storing Gold in a Steel Safe

In addition to storing in an ordinary lock cabinet, you can also use a steel safe. With a steel safe, gold is protected from the dangers of fire and flood. Safes are also safer because they are difficult to break into burglars. The price of a steel safe is relatively affordable, starting from Rp. 2 million. You can choose the size of the steel safe as needed.

Store Gold in a Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box (SDB) is a storage service for valuables in a safe box that is usually provided by large banks. SDB is usually leased annually with varying prices, depending on the size of the box and the policies of each bank.

This method is suitable for investors who have a stock of gold in relatively large quantities or are expensive. The cost of storing gold in SDB is relatively expensive, making it less suitable for storing gold that has little value.

Make use of Services at Pawnshop

If you and your family plan to leave your house for a long time – going home for example – you can take advantage of valuable storage services at Pawnshop. To deposit the gold bar, you only need to pay a deposit and administration fee.

Those are the four gold storage options that you can choose according to your gold investment needs. Do you want to start investing or saving gold now? Do not forget to check the latest gold prices below.